We help

„Try to leave this world a little better than you found it”
Robert Baden-Powell.

Why is Magboss trying to help others? Because in today's world not everyone has equal opportunities. Some are born sick, others in families and countries poorer than ours. Helping the weaker makes us call ourselves people. It is a kind of openness and being with other people.


Help for a kindergarten in Rwanda.

Together with the Primary school in Wawrów, we organized a package parcel with stationery and medicines to a kindergarten in Rwanda. It is run by a missionary from Gorzów Wielkopolski who has been there for a year. Pupils from the primary school from Wawrowo took active part in the whole action and collected stationery we sent.





Lublin Student Culture Days KULturalia  2018

The year 2018 was particularly important for the academic community of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Exactly 100 years earlier, in the atmosphere of regained independence of our homeland, on the initiative of Fr. Idzi Radziszewski a Catholic university was created in Lublin - one of the oldest universities in Poland. KULturalia is the largest and most important project among the many initiatives undertaken by the SAA during the academic year. Due to their unique nature, they are enjoying increasing popularity and attract crowds of recipients. And we could actively contribute to the organization of such an interesting event and celebrate 100 years of independence together with students from Lublin.




Support for the Jakub Błaszczykowski Human Gesture Foundation.

During the Pigeon Breeders Events, our company systematically financially supports the foundation. Its main goal is to support sick people up to 21 years old. It is also shaping positive attitudes among children and youth by supporting their development with particular emphasis on physical culture. The Foundation - by organizing sports tournaments, charity concerts, etc., collects funds for treatment, rehabilitation, social assistance and talent development of young people.






Commune Children's Day

We had the pleasure to support the organization of an attractive and full of fun Children's Day for children and youth from the Nowy Kawęczyn commune. It was organized by the Józef Wybicki Junior High School in Strzyboga (currently a primary school).



Gala of success.

We are pleased to inform you about the award received. By decision of the Competition Jury consisting of members of the Business Center Club and the Catholic University of Lublin, Jacek Budek received the award "Lublin Acanthus of Entrepreneurship" in the category "Business personality supporting entrepreneurship". This award was presented for outstanding economic and social activity as well as supporting the development of entrepreneurship among young people.





Primary School in Chałupki

We had the pleasure to support the preparation and organization of carnival fun at the Primary School in Chałupki. Thank you very much and we are glad that the fun was successful.



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