FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

3. Can I place an order by phone?


No, orders are accepted automatically, just by logging into our store. This allows for efficient logistics services, and as soon as possible to send packets to the client.


4. Does every product that is on your side you have in stock?


Each product has a preview of the available stock. It symbolizes the status bar, which, depending on the available quantity changes color and value. Dark green color means the quantity of more than 10 pieces while the red number less than 5 pc


Example display of your stock the product:




5. If we placed an order on your site then when I get them?


It depends on what you selected the method of payment for the goods. Delivery If goods should be delivered within 24 hours, if payment method is bank transfer, it is dependent on the date of booking of money on our account. If we get information on the receipt of money for goods they immediately proceed to the order, which also includes 24 hours.


6. What is the time of shipping the goods?


Normally it is around 24 h (in Poland) since the output from storage or transfer of the courier package. It should however be noted that this is dependent on many factors over which we have no influence, and this time may be changed.


7. Where to find the number for a business account that you should pay money for the contract?


After generating the order, the client will be asked to select the method of payment and shipment. If you choose to pay the "bank transfer" link, click on the "pay by bank transfer (as has been shown in the picture below):



Then you see information about the account number along with the title transfer, which must be made for your order:




8. I created a new account (signed up) in your store. What are my shipping options and pay for your order?


Following a number of recurring situations as not to receive shipments pobraniowych, a new customer is subjected to verification in the form of prepayments on the Company account for the first 3 contract (with a normal bank transfer, electronic payment "platnosci.pl" or PayPal). After this period (if there are no problems) is enabled dispatch Delivery - including the client must contact the department of shipping, which will include the possibility of sending the goods for cash.


9. Can I check what is actually happening with my package?


Yes, there is a possibility. To do this, go to DPD courier service and give no shipment of the relevant order number which can be found under "orders" after logging on.


Website address for tracking shipments: http://www.dpd.com.pl/subpage.asp?ID_kat=3&ID=33&Mark=18


or directly in the order form just click on the number of the consignment in a new window page opens in the appropriate courier company.


10. Is it possible to receive personal goods ordered?


Yes, there is a possibility after the appointment. Goods can be picked up in a store company MAGBOSS Street. Market 5 in Skierniewice. The condition is picked selecting the appropriate option in the form of postage (debit card) and enter the date of receipt annotations (at the earliest for the next day from order). Local Pickup is possible between 10.00 - 17.00


11. How late can I place an order up for downloading, so that the package was sent on the same day?


If your order is received by the system max. 16.15 hours the package will be transmitted on the same day.


12. Can I change the data for printing?


Yes, it is possible to call the department of shipments. The number to the appropriate department:


Department of shipments:


Tel: 796 353 744 - Unit shipments.

Tel: 692 353 744 - Unit shipments.


or by changing the data in the profile (after login).


13. Is it possible to bring the product is not in your store?


Yes, in this order, please use the "Suggest Product" which is located below the menu on the left side of the screen (after login). If the proposed product the customer will be in stock, you will be automatically generated e-mail about the availability of the product sought.


14. Is the product available in your store is new and has warranty?


If the description does not have the word "poserwisowy / poserwisowa" it means that the product is new and is under warranty. The guarantee is dependent on product type and is described in detail in the section "Regulations."


15. How are complaints made?


To file a complaint to be completed complaint form is located in the order form (the claim must relate to a particular contract). After completing the form, the advertised goods should be returned to the business address:


Magboss Sp. z o.o. S.K.
Strobów 47a
96-100 Skierniewice



16. Who pays for shipping complaint?


Shipping costs complaint (from the customer to our company) is always paid by the customer. The costs of returning the goods back to the client side from Magboss Sp. z o.o. S.K.



17. Is it possible to obtain detailed information about an interesting product to me?


So as to obtain detailed information about the product (eg whether the front panel for a particular model comes complete with glass), just call your local storage:


Storage Unit:


Tel: 792 606 678 - Division warehouse


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